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Dr. Leslie Hahner is an expert scholar and speaker with a wealth of knowledge on the role of images in public culture. She understands deeply how images shape audience response. She has studied over 150 years of visual culture to interrogate how images influence communication and relationships.


With two books and a wealth of articles on visual culture, Dr. Hahner offers a number of insights on how images impact audiences.


To Become An American: Immigrants and Americanization Campaigns of the Early Twentieth Century, Michigan State, 2017.

Make America Meme Again: The Rhetoric of the Alt-right, Peter Lang, 2019


In addition, a number of papers have been published by Dr. Hahner emphasizing the present and real world impact of the visual medium. Cited across disciplines, these essays offer additional dialogue and insights into the power of images in today’s culture.

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The Riot Kiss: Framing Memes as Visual Argument

Most Recent

Black Panther and the Alt-right: networks of racial ideology


Dr. Hahner teaches cutting-edge topics with student-focused methods. Students learn both classical rhetorical tools and lessons that prepare them for today’s world.

Syllabus for Visual Rhetoric 2020

Visual Rhetoric is a course on how to understand how imaging practices shape human relationships.

Syllabus for Rhetoric of Women’s Rights 2017

Rhetoric of Women’s Rights studies the various movements marginalized women have used to seek change.

Public Work

Dr. Hahner is a sought expert on contemporary propaganda, disinformation, influence strategies, visual culture, civil discourse, as well as diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Her consultant work has focused on:

  • Disinformation Resistance
  • Influence and Narrative Strategies
  • Information Operations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Digital Network Weaponization
  • Impacts of Disinformation on NatSec
  • Curricula and Program Design
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Program Implementation
  • Counter-Radicalization Strategy
  • Below are two examples of works exploring the potent interaction imagery has on the present culture and public conversation.


Leslie A. Hahner is a Professor of Communication at Baylor University in Waco, TX.


I would love to work with you on your next idea. I have consulted with non-profits, public and private think tanks, and life-long students of all varieties.
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